Telmont Introduces the Lightest Champagne Bottle in the World

Telmont Introduces the Lightest Champagne Bottle in the World


As a cornerstone of fine wines, Vintage Cellar has always prided itself on offering a diverse, sustainable, and globally curated selection. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our valued customers to a revolutionary brand that’s shaking up the champagne industry – Telmont. A remarkable blend of eco-conscious luxury and timeless tradition, Telmont is reshaping the narrative around green champagne and sustainable wine practices. Sustainable Innovation: Telmont’s Lightest Champagne Bottle in the World

Telmont’s quest for sustainability doesn’t merely rest on their production process. The brand has embarked on a game-changing journey, creating the lightest champagne bottle in the world. This revolutionary design substantially reduces CO2 emissions during production and transportation, thus contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. It’s through innovations like these that Telmont is paving the way for a new era of sustainable wine practices.

When Star Power Advocates for the Planet

Leonardo DiCaprio and Telmont Further underscoring Telmont’s commitment to sustainability is their recent partnership with globally renowned actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Investing in and endorsing Telmont, DiCaprio, known for his staunch advocacy for environmental issues, heralds a new dawn for champagne for the planet. This alliance symbolizes the bond between star power and the increasingly relevant trend of eco-conscious luxury.

Beyond the Bubbles

Telmont’s Confluence of Taste and Conscience However, Telmont is not merely about the glamour of Hollywood or its innovative green initiatives. At its heart, it is a champagne house committed to producing the finest bubbles. Telmont’s champagnes are celebrated for their exquisite taste, intricate balance, and sublime depth. These exceptional qualities, combined with a dedication to organic farming and reducing the brand’s carbon footprint, make Telmont a true champion of champagne with a conscious.

Experience the Revolution

Telmont’s Green Champagne at Vintage Cellar.

We, at Vintage Cellar, could not be more excited to bring you the incredible opportunity to taste and treasure Telmont’s champagne. Embrace the revolutionary concept of green champagne that does not compromise on taste.