Meet the Team
Meet members of the Vintage Cellar team, dedicated to bringing our community of fine wine lovers the finest collections from across the iconic regions of the world.
Welcome from our CEO
"As the founder and CEO of our fine wine platform in Geneva, I am proud to share with you an exclusive glimpse into our world of unparalleled vintages and bespoke services. We have meticulously crafted an experience for High Net Worth Individuals around the world who share our passion for the rarest and most extraordinary vintages. Our invitation-only application is designed to offer a one-on-one, tailor-made service that transcends the traditional wine purchasing experience. We not only curate and store your cherished collections but also provide expert advisory abd support to elevate your cellar to its utmost potential. At our core, we are committed to nurturing a community where the art of fine wine is celebrated, preserved and enjoyed with the utmost care and sophistication.
Welcome to our world, where your exclusive wine Journey begins".
Selim Bocti
CEO of Vintage Cellar

Meet Our  Team at Vintage Cellar - Your Wine Experts

Meet the wine whisperers at Vintage  Cellar!  We're a passionate bunch  obsessed with finding the world's most incredible vintages.  We travel the globe, searching for hidden  gems and legendary producers.  Our goal  is to bring you an unforgettable wine experience.

Discover  Our Dedication to Exceptional Vintage Wines

Vintage Cellar: Where wine isn't just a  drink, it's an adventure. We are committed to providing you with an  unparalleled selection of top-quality wines Our team is obsessed with  spending their days scouring the globe for hidden gems and legendary wines.

Meet Our  Passionate Vintage Wine Experts

Ever wonder who's behind the amazing wines  we source? It's a team of passionate wine lovers, from seasoned sommeliers  with years of experience to enthusiastic folks. Each member brings a unique  perspective, but they all share one thing: a dedication to making sure your  wine experience is unforgettable

Meet the Team

Selim Bocti, Co-Founder and CEO
Johnny Medawar, Commercial Manager
Wadih Riachi, Head Sommelier
Antoine Nacouzi, Chief Financial Officer
Marie-Joe Jamous, Digital Manager
Alexander Pale, Brand Ambassador
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