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The Vintage Cellar App is at the heart of our community of wine collectors. This page will describe how to download and register the app, and how the App can improve your fine wine journey.

Explore  the Vintage Cellar App

Unlock  a world of wine expertise with the Vintage Cellar app, your comprehensive  wine companion. From wine cellar management to investment insights, discover  a range of features designed to enhance your wine experience.

Your  Comprehensive Wine Companion

Experience  the convenience of having a comprehensive wine companion in the palm of your  hand. The Vintage Cellar app offers tools for wine tasting, cellar  organization, inventory management, and valuable insights to elevate your  wine journey.

Download  Now and Enhance Your Wine Experience

Take  your wine experience to new heights by downloading the Vintage Cellar app  today. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a collector, this app provides  valuable resources and tools to enrich your appreciation and understanding of  fine wines.

Complete control of your wine collection
Our Vintage Cellar app allows our members to be in full control of their fine wine journey. The app can be tailored to suit your needs and ensure it provides you with ultimate functionality and clarity as you follow, adjust and add to your collection…
Track Your Portfolio
Real time inventory of your portfolio including stock updates of your wines in our storage facilities, condition reports, current market value and a consolidated vision of your wine collection stored in multiple locations.
Our Latest Offerings
Explore a wide range of fine wines from across iconic regions and browse our latest curated collections. Also receive regular updates from our dedicated wine advisors, including news and updates from the world of fine wine, as well as profiles and interviews with the most prestigious producers across the globe.
Individual Cellar Plans
Our dedicated client advisors, available through our app, will be on hand from the start of your journey to help you build a picture of your perfect wine collection. Your unique Cellar Plan will set targeted wine styles and monthly budgets.
Interactive Tools To Meet Your Needs
Capture photos of your favourite bottles and automatically add to your wish list. Then get notifications about upcoming campaigns and releases of your favourite wines. The App also contains informative drinking charts and purchasing history for the wines in your collection. You can also arrange fully protected deliveries and pay for your invoices using secure credit card payment.
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