The Outstanding Pontet-Canet

The Outstanding Pontet-Canet


The Family behind Pontet-Canet

The Tesseron family, originally known for founding a cognac company in 1905 by Abel Tesseron, has made a significant mark in the wine industry, particularly in Bordeaux. The family expanded into the Médoc region of Bordeaux when Guy Tesseron, Abel’s son, acquired Château Pontet Canet and Château Lafon Rochet in 1960. These estates are recognized for their quality and have remained within the family, with Alfred Tesseron, Guy’s son, currently leading the cognac company and co-presiding over Pontet Canet. The family’s commitment to excellence in winemaking is evident through the generations, with the latest being represented by Mélanie and Justine Tesseron. Château Lafon Rochet was passed down to Basile Tesseron from his father Michel, emphasizing the family’s dedication to producing fine wines as a lifelong commitment.

Pontet-Canet: A Journey through Time

This vineyard stretches over 200 acres in the area of Pauillac. It’s like a big puzzle with over a hundred pieces, each piece being a small plot of land contributing to the vineyard’s overall magic. The soil here is special, filled with gravel and sitting on limestone, which is great for growing grapes. At Pontet-Canet, they believe in learning from the land. They don’t stick to one way of doing things; instead, they try different methods, learn what works best, and keep improving. This method has helped them grow better grapes and make better wine.

A new Approach to Winemaking

A few years ago, Pontet-Canet started using biodynamic farming. This is a way of farming that works with nature, not against it. This change has made their wines even better, with a taste that feels more natural and pure.

Each year, Pontet-Canet makes a new wine, and each wine tells a story of that year. Some years are tough, with bad weather making things difficult, but they always find a way to make great wine. These wines are special because they’re not just about the taste; they’re about the story of the land and the people who make them.

Looking Ahead

Pontet-Canet has come a long way from its beginnings in the 18th century. What makes it stand out is how it respects its past while always looking for ways to do better. This vineyard shows that with care, respect for nature, and a willingness to learn, you can make something truly wonderful.