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Vintage  Cellar FAQs - Your Wine Collection Questions Answered

Welcome  to Vintage Cellar's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), where we aim to  provide answers to all your inquiries about wine collection. Whether you're  curious about the best wines to try or seeking guidance on wine cellar  builders, we have you covered. Begin your wine journey with confidence as we  address your most pressing questions.

Discover  Answers to Your Wine Collection Queries

Explore  our comprehensive FAQs to find answers to a wide range of wine collection  queries. From tips on selecting the perfect wine for any occasion to advice  on building and maintaining your wine cellar, our FAQs offer valuable  insights to enhance your wine experience.

Start  Your Wine Journey with Confidence

Embark  on your wine journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge gained from  Vintage Cellar's FAQs. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a novice  exploring the world of wine for the first time, our FAQs provide valuable  information to help you make informed decisions and enjoy the pleasures of  wine collection to the fullest.

How do you guarantee provenance of the wines?

Provenance of wine is fully guaranteed on Vintage Cellar platform as we do buy directly either ex-property or domain, from trusted negoce or wine merchants. Certificates of origin or expertise may be assigned on specific cases and issued by independent wine experts to authenticate origin.

Is there any membership /entrance ticket to become a VC member? Any minimum amount required to acquire wines?

There’s no entrance fees to become a member of Vintage Cellar community. Eligible profiles get their access validated and issued by Vintage Cellar Admin. There is no minimum amount required to spend on the platform neither.

What services do you provide?

Fine Wine Sourcing: Vintage Cellar is a digital and bespoke platform that allows you build and expand your wine collection. Our relationships with the world’s most prestigious wineries provide our clients with privileged access to highly sought-after fine wines. Wine Storage: we secure your wines in our in-bond warehouses equipped with ideal storage conditions (temperature & humidity). Worldwide Shipping: we ship your wines directly to you in optimal conditions. Wine Trips: we organize bespoke wine trips to the most iconic vineyards in the world. Private Wine Tasting: we organize bespoke tastings and events according to your needs and preferences.

Who is Vintage Cellar?

Vintage Cellar is a member-only trading platform to build and manage your fine wine collection assisted by our team of dedicated wine advisors. Vintage Cellar is managed and operated by WineCo Swiss SA registered under number CHE-432.554.262 with address at Boulevard des Philosophes 15, 1205 Genève, Switzerland.

What is your expertise?

Our wine advisors provide you with full guidance and advises throughout your fine wine journey to acquire wines that suit your taste and profile. We enable our clients to access the most iconic wines to: Drink and enjoy great bottles on their special events; Build collections that can span several generations and become a true family heritage Invest in wine with a potential return, due to its financial asset substitution

Need any assistance?

Get in touch via our website live chat, WhatsApp, or email Request a demo for a private presentation on App features & benefits.

How to create my account and become a member?

Request Your Access from Vintage cellar website You will receive your personal access code by email &/or WhatsApp

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